14 MAY at 2.00pm
Napier Repertory Theatre
76 McGrath Street, Napier
This exciting piece of theatre will be our premiere Studio Production. It has as its theme Restorative
Justice. A child's life has been ended by a joy-rider. Four years on, the parents and the joy-rider meet.
The play will be directed by Mason Price with Trevor Rose in the role of associate producer.
Playing dates are 8-12 August 2017.
Leon 19 year old. Leon was driving the car that killed the child. Comes from a poor background.
Petra late 30s-early 40s. Petra is the child's mother and is a journalist.
Jimmy late 30s-early 40s. Jimmy is the child's father and is a teacher.
Mr E. any age. Prison art teacher. Mature, matter of fact. Two small scenes
Leon's Mother 50ish. Coarse, vulgar woman with language to match. Very short scene and I see the
person playing this role as also being the production's Stage Manager.
Actors must be prepared to widen and enhance the skills they bring to the production. Rehearsals,
which will commence in June, will concentrate on in depth script interpretation as this play relies on
an audience seeing the subtle changes of emotions and beliefs each character experiences.
It is essential that the play is read prior to auditioning.
In accordance with the aims of our Studio Productions the following roles are also available
Trainee Director
Will work with Mason and Trevor to observe and learn the requirements of bringing a production to
Trainee Lighting and Sound
Will work with Peter Hurley to learn the intricacies of lighting and sound design. Would also need to
be available to operate these systems during performance.
Musician and Composer
This production will use a musician who is able to compose a short piece of music as the theme for
the play. The musician would then be required to perform this piece live at each performance. For
practical reasons the instrument used would need to be fairly portable, e.g. guitar, violin, flute
Anyone interested in reading the script or participating in the production or with any questions is
encouraged to contact Mason.
(06) 877 4387 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Snow White and the Seven Drag Queens


A lip-sync ADULT pantomime.

Written by Jonathan Smith adapted from Stephen Duckham's original script.

Directed by Jonathan Smith MNZM.

Please note that this production is R16.



Snow White has spent 16 torturous years under the care of her stepmother, the Madame of a high-class bordello, but she is now of an age to make some decisions about her destiny. The chance arrival of Prince Albert at the bordello and with the help of her dear friends Nurse Rat Shit and Handy Andy gives her the opportunity to venture to the city.... but Madame and Harry the Hitman have other ideas. No worries, the Seven Drag Queens come to her rescue.


Pre-Audition Briefing

Sunday, 9th July at 7.00 pm at the Little Theatre.


Tempted to join the cast of this exciting end of year production? Well now’s your chance to chat to the director, Jonathan Smith before the auditions on 22 or 23 July.

At this very informal and relaxed gathering, Jonathan will explain the many fascinating character roles available, his design concept, the art of lip-syncing, the technique of drag and how he plans to stage this adult pantomime.

Copies of the script will be available, a list of characters with bio and the required information to prepare for the auditions later in July.



22nd and 23rd July at the Little Theatre.


Performance Season

8th to 18th November.


Director, Jonathan Smith, wants the audition process to be an enjoyable and fun experience for all those interested in joining the cast. The auditions will be conducted in small groups where you will be required to read a short piece from the script, lip-sync one verse from a song featured in the show and learn a very short and simple dance routine.


Please book your time slot directly with Jonathan and be sure to advise him of the role(s) you wish to audition for. Jonathan will confirm via email the time, advise you of the script page number for your reading and email you the piece of music for your lip-sync audition.


Jonathan’s email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Men interested in playing a drag role will be given full training in the art of drag performance once cast.


Show rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights and late afternoon on Sunday starting early August. A full rehearsal schedule will be available shortly after auditions.



All cast members need to feel comfortable lip-syncing and learning a number of short dance routines. Prior experience is not required.


SNOW WHITE A beautiful young innocent girl. Slim and cute – Female or male – needsto look 16

MC Strong character and powerful voice (Double with Marsha) - Male

MADAME Beautiful but evil. Very striking in appearance - she manipulates people with her deadly charm – Female aged over 45

SPIRIT OF THE MIRROR Evil comedy role, strong character (Double with Blossom) – Male

NURSE RAT SHIT Snow White’s Nurse and friend – over the top, strong comedy character role and the pantomime dame - Male

PRINCE ALBERT Young, very handsome Prince. Must be tall, striking and have a sexy voice – Male between 18-25

HANDY ANDY Comical character, very close friend of Snow White – likeable person. Must have a good rapport with the audience. Needs a great body as he is dressed in a builders apron only – Male

PETE THE PIMP Super camp and slim build. Easily flustered and usually the butt of Andy’s’ jokes - Male

HARRY THE HITMAN At first appearance should look rather fierce, but has a kind heart and is a friend of Snow White. Tall and slim (Double with Ricky) – Male



CHUCK Very hot – Bordello staff member – Male

CINDY Sexy and young - Bordello staff member – Female

CANDY Older Bordello staff member - Female

BLOSSOM Double with Spirit of the Mirror – Bordello staff member – Female

BRAD Bordello client – Male

RICKY Double with Harry, Bordello client – Male


GINGER VITAS The leader of the group - Male


IVANA HUMPALOT A little dumb - Male

TESS TOSTERONE Nasty to everyone - Male

MARSHA MELLOW Large bum – Diva - Male

MONA LOTTA Always on the lookout for sex - Male

IONA SEXTOY Always high on drugs - Male