14 MAY at 2.00pm
Napier Repertory Theatre
76 McGrath Street, Napier
This exciting piece of theatre will be our premiere Studio Production. It has as its theme Restorative
Justice. A child's life has been ended by a joy-rider. Four years on, the parents and the joy-rider meet.
The play will be directed by Mason Price with Trevor Rose in the role of associate producer.
Playing dates are 8-12 August 2017.
Leon 19 year old. Leon was driving the car that killed the child. Comes from a poor background.
Petra late 30s-early 40s. Petra is the child's mother and is a journalist.
Jimmy late 30s-early 40s. Jimmy is the child's father and is a teacher.
Mr E. any age. Prison art teacher. Mature, matter of fact. Two small scenes
Leon's Mother 50ish. Coarse, vulgar woman with language to match. Very short scene and I see the
person playing this role as also being the production's Stage Manager.
Actors must be prepared to widen and enhance the skills they bring to the production. Rehearsals,
which will commence in June, will concentrate on in depth script interpretation as this play relies on
an audience seeing the subtle changes of emotions and beliefs each character experiences.
It is essential that the play is read prior to auditioning.
In accordance with the aims of our Studio Productions the following roles are also available
Trainee Director
Will work with Mason and Trevor to observe and learn the requirements of bringing a production to
Trainee Lighting and Sound
Will work with Peter Hurley to learn the intricacies of lighting and sound design. Would also need to
be available to operate these systems during performance.
Musician and Composer
This production will use a musician who is able to compose a short piece of music as the theme for
the play. The musician would then be required to perform this piece live at each performance. For
practical reasons the instrument used would need to be fairly portable, e.g. guitar, violin, flute
Anyone interested in reading the script or participating in the production or with any questions is
encouraged to contact Mason.
(06) 877 4387 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Ghost Train


Written by Arnold Ridley

Directed by Robert Hickey

Date:    19th November 2017

Time:    2.00 pm

Venue:  Little Theatre, 76 McGrath Street, Napier


Despite the psychic stationmaster’s weird stories of a ghost train, six stranded passengers decide to stay the night in the waiting room of a small Cornish wayside railway station. They soon regret this decision as ghostly and not so ghostly apparitions materialise. Be warned – in Cornwall no-one can hear you scream!

Cast Required:

Teddie Deakin – Male, 30ish – A silly arse of a chap in the style of Bertie Wooster. Attempts to jolly everyone along but ends up irritating everyone. He’s not all he seems to be… Possibly a light cockney accent.

Richard Winthrop – Male, 30ish – Level headed, practical, a natural leader. His marriage is on the rocks but he wants to save it if only for the sake of keeping up appearances. RP accent.

Elsie Winthrop – Female, 30ish – Something of an ice-maiden. Insists that she’s not scared by the events of the evening but is secretly terrified. RP accent.

Saul Hodgkin – Male, ancient – The curmudgeonly station master. Possibly played by a female actor who’ll double as Julia Price. Extreme Cornish accent (think “Ooh, ahr, Jim lad” pirate style…)

Charles Murdock – Male, 25ish – Pleasant, a peace-maker, but not a wimp. Newly married. RP accent.

Peggy Murdock -  Female, 25ish – Pleasant, a peace-maker, but not a wimp. Newly married (sound familiar??) RP accent.

Miss Bourne – Female, 60ish – A prudish spinster, rather fond of her pet parrot. Possibly played by a male actor who will double as Herbert Price. Clipped RP accent.

Julia Price – Female, 30ish – Glamorous but mentally derailed… or is she? Possibly doubles as Saul Hodgkin. RP accent.

Herbert Price – Male, 30ish - Julia’s brother… or is he? Uptight, tense. RP accent. Possibly doubles as Miss Bourne.

Doctor John Sterling – Male, 50ish – A sensible, down-to-earth medical doctor who’s in charge of Julia’s wellbeing… or is he? RP accent.

Jackson – Male, 40ish – A cop in a suit. Small role with enormous potential for character development… or is it?

Performance Season:

Thursday 15th February - Saturday 3rd March 2018.



For more information, please contact Robert Hickey on (022)  638-9010  or  email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it